MGB Handling

Usually, when our clients have the Go and Stop department taken care of, they look to doing what these cars were designed to do best, Go around corners.

Correctly set up, these little guys can eclipse the majority of Motorcycles in Apex speed around most corners.

Hard to believe? Absolutely not! The Motorcycle will accelerate out of the corner faster than an MGB due to their power to weight ratio but we can usually get through the corner quicker if the right set up choices are made.

When we set up a car, usually the first thing we will pay attention to is the Steering & Suspension joints, Tyres, Springs and Shock absorbers.

This re-creates the tight, directional, responsive feel the car was built to have.

Most experienced racers understand that the higher your Apex speed, the later you can brake and the less HP you need to get your terminal speed up at the other end of a straight.

That’s why so many of the guys with 4 cylinders can stay in front of the guys with 6’s or 8’s.

Usually, this is the department that produces the most value per dollar.