MGB Grunt

The drive train seems to be where many enthusiasts start because first and foremost, they want their new acquisition to perform.

The standard 1800cc 4 cylinder engine will provide sufficient power for many people, once they are brought back to the original factory performance.

These engines were astounding for there era and largely due to the twin SU carburetors. These carbies were both the advantage and disadvantage because whilst their performance was excellent, so few people understood correct maintenance of them.

The engine itself was a reliable and hardy unit that required few special tools and only small amounts of specialized knowledge to get the best out of. Other than sticky valves, they usually lasted the distance.

Issues generally relate to the “Bolt-On” components with a little expertise in regard to charging and ignition systems. Most mechanics can understand them sufficiently to¬† get them to perform to around 92% of their best.

We provide every service from basic service and tuning to full reconditioned engines.

For many of our clients, a substantial boost is required. A supercharger can be added as a “Bolt On” answer. We would only recommend an alternative such as this when combined with other works and possibly with an engine designed and built to obtain the best value out of it, considering both performance and lifespan.

For the more performance minded, an entire engine transplant may be a more beneficial option. If you would like to discuss the types of options shown below, give us a call. Always remember that in such a change, many considerations need to be made other than weight.

Mass location actually has more effect than the Mass itself due to “polar moment of inertia” issues.